Photography by Alexander Elkholy

art​​​​​​ist statement
For years, I asked myself what it means to be a woman and questioned any definition that came to mind as my instinct would tell me it was a product of other people’s opinions. Once I fully realized I had spent most of my time living according to limitations set by society and family dynamics, things that told me what a woman “should” be, it became my mission to break out of these limitations at every turn and to rediscover my own voice. This experience has been liberating and at times overwhelming, and I explore these feelings in my portraits.

Whether I’m celebrating female empowerment and sexuality or navigating the shaky territory that sometimes comes with challenging the widely accepted definition of “woman,” I make each portrait starting with a digital version on Procreate and then translate it onto the canvas with charcoal and acrylic paints.

artist bio

Shirene is an Iranian-American artist and curator born and raised in the Seattle area. Art has always been a large part of her identity as she grew up around artists, like her grandpa who did still life oil paintings and graphite portraits. Her love for the subject and thirst for knowledge led her to graduate from University of Washington with a Bachelor’s in Art History as well as a French minor and sales & marketing certificate, followed by earning a visual web design certificate at the School of Visual Concepts in 2019. When Shirene is not working full-time in graphic design or making art, she is hanging out at coffee shops, journaling and watching her favorite show Frasier.
upcoming & current shows

Doll Parts Collective (Seattle, WA), January 12 - 31, 2023
Victrola Coffee (the location on E Pike St, Seattle), Date TBD 2023
Victrola Coffee (the location on 15th Ave E, Seattle), Date TBD 2023
Grooving for Good (Seattle, WA), Date TBD 2023
past shows​

Art/Not Terminal Gallery (Seattle, WA), 2012
Pittsburgh Lunch & Superette (Seattle, WA), 2017
Cafe Cesura (Bellevue, WA), 2017
Wheelhouse Coffee (Seattle, WA), 2017
Freshy's (Seattle, WA), May 2018
CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) (Seattle, WA), May 2018
CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) (Seattle, WA), March 7 - April 20, 2019
Elliott Bay Brewing Company (Burien, WA), April 2019
Third Culture Coffee (Bellevue, WA), June 201
Chophouse Row’s Art Walk (Seattle, WA), August & September 2019
Belltown Art Fair (Seattle, WA), October 3, 2019
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), November 10, 2019
Punk Rock Flea Market (Seattle, WA), December 7, 2019
Holiday RAWk 2019 (Seattle, WA), December 12, 2019
Holiday Pop-Up at Anthem Coffee (Puyallup, WA), December 21, 2019
Harper’s Hair Studio (Seattle, WA), February - April 2020
Belltown Art Walk (Seattle, WA), Virtual Art Exhibition Oct. 12 - 19, 2020
Sassafras (Seattle, WA), Virtual Exhibition Nov. 13 - Dec. 7; Instagram Showcase Nov. 13 - 20, 2020
Julian Peña Gallery (Seattle, WA), March 4 - 26, 2021
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), August 8, 2021
Julian Peña Gallery Home Away From Home (Seattle, WA), August 5 - September 24, 2021 (as curator)
Julian Peña Gallery Night Light (Seattle, WA), February 10 - 28, 2022 (as curator)
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), December 12, 2021
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), March 13, 2022
Night Market (Seattle, WA), June 2, 2022
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), June 12, 2022
Night Market (Seattle, WA), July 7, 2022
Belltown Art Walk (Seattle, WA), July 8, 2022

Fremont Fridays (Seattle, WA), July 22, 2022
Birds of Paradise group show (Tacoma, WA), September 9, 2022 8-11pm
​​​​​​​Sassafras (Seattle, WA), October 14, 2022 - November 9, 2022

Base Camp Studios (Seattle, WA), October 14, 2022 - November 6, 2022
Studio 103 (Seattle, WA), December 1 - 17, 2022
Virago Gallery (Seattle, WA), December 1 - 26, 2022
Slip Gallery (Seattle, WA), December 9 - 28, 2022
Base Camp Studios (Seattle, WA), December 9 - TBD, 2022
Tractor Tavern Makers Market (Seattle, WA), December 11, 2022
Night Market (Seattle, WA), January 5, 2023

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